True "Security" is impossible to achieve in today's ever changing, fast paced Information Technology (IT) landscape.  Company's need to make informed "Risk" decisions to provided the needed Due Diligence in protecting their IT Systems. 

There are different categories of risk that may affect your organization. 

Strategic risk is related to adverse business decisions, or the failure to implement appropriate business decisions in a manner that is consistent with the institution’s strategic goals.

Reputational risk is related to negative public opinion.

Operational risk is related to loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events.

Transactional risk is related to problems with service or product delivery.

Compliance risk is related to violations of laws, rules, or regulations, or from noncompliance with internal policies or procedures or business standards.

Digital Beachhead utilizes a 6 Step Management program that 1) characterizes your systems, 2) identifies threats 3) determines risk impact 4) analyze controls, 5) assigns likelihood rating and finally 6) determines your risk rating (Impact if exploited * Likelihood = Risk Rating)

Knowing your risks is the first step in taking remedial actions to mitigate or accept risk.  Ignoring risk is no longer an option in our technological world.  

Let Digital Beachhead provide you the independent analysis so you can make the appropriate risk management decisions for your business.  

Governance Compliance

Penetration / Vulnerability Assessments


Cyber Risk Management

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Analysis of an organization’s coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, and corporate compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.  In the IT context, this means making sure that IT systems, and the data contained in those systems, are used and secured properly.

Many States have enacted Cyber Security and Privacy laws and Colorado is no different.  In Sept 2018 the Colorado Protections for Consumer Data Privacy Act was passed.  Organizations are now legally obligated to implement reasonable security measures to protect documents (paper and electronic) that contain PII.  Colorado has implemented one of the toughest data breach notification requirements in the country. ​  There are also criminal and civil penalties for failure to comply.

​Do you accept Credit Cards?  Did you know that merchants of ANY size must be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant?  We can provide specific audits of your system against PCI standards to show your compliance level.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has very specific Cyber Risk requirements to include audits such as a Vulnerability scan.  

Working with the Federal Government requires adherence to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) which uses the National Institute of Standards & Technology as its basis for compliance.  

If you have any European customers then you must adhere to the VERY strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with fines as much as 4% of top-line revenue for violations. ​​

Digital Beachhead provides the tools you need to maintain compliance. 

Digital Beachhead provides a wide array of Professional Services to the U.S. Government to include Cyber Risk Management, IT Services (Help Desk, Infrastructure Management & Systems Engineering), Program/Project Management and Logistics Management.  

We are proud to take this experience and offer it to the Small / Medium Business community.   Our aim is to help our business community protect the vital information they maintain at affordable prices. 

Cyber Risk Management is our business!!

Digital Beachhead - Cyber Risk Management
Digital Beachhead - Cyber Risk Management

Digital Beachhead Cyber Offerings

Digital Beachhead

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Once a company understands its risk it should test systems to identify, analyze and address vulnerabilities/flaws in hardware / software that could serve as attack vectors from bad actors.

Digital Beachhead uses a 4 step process for conducting vulnerability assessments.

1) Initial Assessment - Identify the assets and define the risk and critical value for each device. 

2) System Baseline Definition - gather information about the systems before the vulnerability assessment.  Information should include open ports, approved software and basic configuration to name a few.

3) Perform the Penetration / Vulnerability Scan - Digital Beachhead uses state of the art scanning software to probe systems for all known vulnerabilities.

4) Vulnerability Report - The most important part of the process is providing the customer with a detailed report on our findings to include recommendations for fix actions.  

Digital Beachhead recommends these scans be performed at least annually to ensure the risk awareness/security of your systems.   In fact if you maintain any Personally Identifying Information (PII) on employees or customers it is incumbent on the company to provide tested safeguards to protect that data.

Unsure if you have PII?  Let Digital Beachhead perform a Cyber Risk Management Assessment.

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